d2i's "tactical" value proposition for our client stakeholders is multi-faceted...

  • Department leadership and stakeholders get timely clinical, quality, and staff performance metrics they can use to identify trends and issues for the metrics that matter to them.
  • Lead/Six Sigma teams get a solution that allows departments to monitor and trend the impact of their recommendations once implemented.
  • Administrators and the C-Suite get a dashboard they can easily access, navigate, understand, and have the confidence that their organization has a tool that will help them be an effective player in their transformation.
  • The CFO gets to sign off on a SaaS subscription model that eliminates the hardware and software capital requirements typical of new system acquisitions and achieve a faster Return on Investment (ROI) along with the potential for it to be budget-neutral.

Strategically, d2i's value proposition for the health care organization and its CIO is:

  • They get to address key clinical department's demands for a BI solution that meets their needs.
  • The opportunity to leverage d2i to leapfrog, accelerate, or leverage their enterprise data warehouse and BI initiatives.
  • To turn their data into the asset they know it is.