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2019 Emergency Medicine Trends

Advanced Analytics Can Help Optimize Staffing and Better Manage the Impact of Psychiatric Visits and Claim Denials Emergency departments (EDs) are a hospital's gateway to admissions and therefore a significant source of revenue, but they're facing challenges including...

Optimizing Emergency Department Scheduling

Advanced data analytics can spot adverse conditions and opportunities to optimize ED schedules, ultimately improving patient flow and reducing left without being seen while reducing costs.

EHRs’ Usability May Impact Their Safe Use

Reliance on EHRs for data analytics contributes to physician burnout and decreased patient safety, but leveraging performance analytics tools with EHR and other data can drive performance improvement.

Highlights From ACEP 2018

The significant, disruptive challenges to EDs were explored at this year’s conference, particularly changes in the insurance industry and alternative care settings.

See why no other health care analytics tool or EHR system comes close.

d2i facilitates the use of data to drive operational improvement. It allows us to measure the effect of changes in operations and clinical care, empowering us to demonstrate the effects of these changes to administration.

Dr. Rick Rutherford, MD Quality Medical Director Seaside Emergency Associates October 21, 2017

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