d2i is a disruptive innovator, providing cloud-based performance dashboards and key metric analytics for hospital emergency departments and other clinical departments.  True to the nature of a disruptive innovator solution, d2i’s cost tends to be less than our competitors, our solutions tend to be more highly attuned to the needs of the departmental leadership, and we, as a company, are more closely aligned to certain specialties (i.e., emergency medicine, urgent care, inpatient flow, and hospitalists).


d2i Performance Dashboard and Key Metric Analytic solutions include:

  • Emergency Department and Freestanding Emergency Departments
  • Urgent Care
  • In-Patient Flow
  • Hospitalist

d2i clients use their performance dashboard and key metric analytics solution to benchmark, monitor, and more effectively manage every aspect of their department, including patient care, practice variability, compliance, turnaround times, productivity, utilization, quality measures, patient satisfaction, and risk.  When they see an issue with a metric’s performance, a single-click drill path takes them to detailed actionable information on the factors known to impact that metric.

d2i Data Clearinghouse

d2i leverages our data extract scripts and domain expertise to help clients acquire clinical data from hospital information systems.  We process the data using our data analytics platform and algorithms to clean, normalize, and format the data.  Then we make it available for our clients to “consume” using their corporate visualization tools.