Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about d2i’s cloud-based health care performance analytics solutions and services

All health care organizations need to leverage data to keep their patients and their bottom lines healthy. Just because you have data in your EHRs or data warehouse doesn’t mean it’s actionable. d2i offers unparalleled performance analytics solutions for HCOs of all sizes. We integrate and enhance your data, ultimately transforming it into a valuable asset.

What sources of data can d2i analyze?

d2i’s cloud-based analytics suite integrates, cleans, and normalizes data from all key sources — whether that data is stored in the cloud or on local servers — including:

  • All top EDIS/EMR systems
  • Billing/RCM data
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Scheduling software
  • Labs
  • RCM vendors
Does it matter which EHR system our organization uses?

No. We’ve built data extract scripts for all major hospital EHR systems, making it easy for your IT department to quickly implement our solution.

We already have a business intelligence platform. How does d2i improve what we already have?

Even if you have an existing investment in a BI platform, you can use d2i’s Data Acquisition as a Service solution to do the heavy lifting for you. Even with multiple departments and different source systems, we acquire, clean, and normalize all data and then deliver it to you in your target data format in whatever time intervals you require.

Will we need to upgrade our current IT infrastructure?

No. There is a minimal need for existing or new IT infrastructure since the d2i solution is cloud based. We simply implement lightweight data extract programs that facilitate secure data transfer. Typically, 4-8 hours of IT setup time is all that’s needed.

Do you need to be on-site in order to review reports and access data?

No. There’s no waiting for your monthly reports: You can log in to our cloud-based application whenever you want, from wherever you are, and get all the information you need to monitor and manage performance.

How can d2i help our ED improve performance?

Our tools were born of the space, not just for the space. With rich, normalized data sets from multiple domains, you get a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what actions can and should be taken. What’s more, you can monitor the impact of any changes you’ve made and correct course if necessary.

From reducing ED crowding and improving patient satisfaction to promoting quality initiatives and improving RCM, learn more about how our tools can help you improve performance.

What tools do you have to improve collection and billing opportunities?

For physician practices, d2i integrates detailed EHR data with billing data, providing analytics that can be used to educate physicians and billing companies on issues that can affect collections. This allows practice leadership to monitor physician compliance with clinical guidelines and performance against financial targets that can impact cash flow.

For billing companies, data acquired directly from the EHR can be used to replace current data acquisition methods that are more costly, inconsistent, and error-prone. Our CodeViz solution organizes EHR data to create prebuilt views of a patient’s visit that detail most of what a coder needs to establish an E&M code (including triage information, patient history, vitals, all lab and medication orders, as well as any abnormal results, and so on). Using CodeViz can speed revenue cycle workflow and improve coding accuracy.

Why is d2i's performance dashboard better than what we're using now?

d2i is purpose-built for Emergency and Hospital Medicine, designed with input from thousands of ED physicians and built by folks who have the same passion and commitment to your specialty, patients, and practice that you do. Our dashboards feature an intuitive user interface with prebuilt analytic storyboards for each KPI, and an adaptive architecture that allows for easy customization with new data, algorithms, and metrics.

Can you help with CMS reporting?

Yes, we have the right tools to navigate the ever-changing, complex world of quality reporting. We can acquire and submit necessary data so you can maximize payment incentives and avoid penalties. Choose a qualified registry partner, and we’ll gather all the data, evaluate it, help you decide the best measures to report, and feed information directly to the CMS registry on your behalf.

How much training will our staff need to use your tools?

Although we do offer training and assistance to ensure that our clients are making full use of our comprehensive toolset, we’ve designed our tools to be intuitive, so our clients typically don’t need a manual or extensive training. Our platform provides an intuitive interface for drilling and filtering. And we don’t abandon you after installation but provide each of our clients with total support and a dedicated Client Success Manager.

Does d2i offer support following implementation?

Absolutely. We take the time to learn what’s important to your practice and stakeholders, and will actively work with you to manage performance. Our Client Success Team proactively monitors our clients’ performance analytics against established targets and thresholds. The team also helps our clients develop an action plan, finds outliers, and makes recommendations for improvement. Scheduled quarterly check-ins provide an in-depth review of our clients’ performance metrics, initiatives, issues, and their impact on performance. Visit our Analytics Support page for more information.

How long will it take to implement d2i at our site?

Relying on your IT department or an EHR vendor to build a data extract can — and usually does — take months. But regardless of what EHR you’re using, we have our own, prebuilt extract programs to significantly speed up the installation process. All we need is a few hours of your IT department’s time to get the application up and running. You can be gaining valuable insight from your data in a matter of weeks.

Do you have questions we haven’t answered here? Learn more about how d2i can help your organization stay competitive while providing the highest quality care, or schedule a 30-minute demo to see our application in action.

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