Helping Our Clients Get the Most From Our Solutions

Instead of waiting for clients to reach out to us, our Client Success Team proactively monitors client performance.

Client-Driven Innovation

Organically developed and improved through the collective wisdom and best practices of a community dedicated to similar goals.

Custom Analytics

Local customization to allow for differences in site priorities and processes.

Proactive Performance Monitoring

Ongoing support to ensure trends are understood, opportunities for improvement are reviewed, and data is leveraged to identify and promote high-impact actions.

Quarterly Check-Ins

Help with developing appropriate action plans, including in-depth reviews of performance metrics and ongoing initiatives.
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    Get an under-the-hood look at d2i’s Performance Analytics Application and see why no other health care analytics tool or EHR system even comes close.
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    Get an under-the-hood look at d2i's collaboration with this partner and see why no other healthcare analytics tool or EHR system even comes close.
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A Partner in Your Performance Improvement Journey

There’s no shortage of challenges or data in an emergency department (ED). EDs arguably present one of the most dynamic and complex environments to manage in all of health care.

d2i’s Client Success Team takes the time to get to know what is important to our clients, their practices, and their stakeholders. We actively work with them, not only to ensure they have the information they need to manage performance, but also to advise them and help them achieve their goals.

d2i has decades of experience in data acquisition, data management, and health care. With our extensive domain expertise in Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, and Patient Flow, we understand the challenges. We know what data is required to create actionable performance metrics, how to acquire that data, and present it in a user-friendly tool.

How d2i commits itself to client success:

We do the heavy lifting.

  • We gather data from the various silos that exist in HCOs and provide our clients the performance analytics they need.
  • We make data analytics-grade by cleansing, normalizing, and enriching it using our algorithms.
  • We provide an out-of-the-box solution, with more than 100 analytics solutions ready for implementation after being vetted by our clients’ peers.
  • Our tools are intuitive. Our clients don’t need a manual or extensive training.

Our Client Success Team proactively monitors our clients’ performance analytics.

  • We monitor performance against established targets and thresholds.
  • We alert our clients of outliers and make recommendations for improvement.

Our Client Success Team schedules quarterly check-ins.

  • We prepare for this meeting by doing an in-depth review of our clients’ performance metrics, as well as any initiatives we are collaborating with them on.
  • The meeting gives our Client Success Team a chance to learn about the issues our clients are encountering and the impact on performance.
  • We help our clients develop an action plan.
  • We ensure our clients are making full use of our extensive toolset and offer training and assistance.

Our Client Success Team is our clients’ resource for any performance analytics question or need – d2i becomes your analytics department.

If you are struggling to assemble data or are spending more than 10 hours a month to turn your data into actionable information, please call us. It pains us to see ED physicians and stakeholders struggle to do what we do so well.

See why no other health care business intelligence tool or EHR system compares. Contact us for more information about our solutions and services and schedule a 30-minute demo.

Great company, great analytics. We could barely survive without d2i at this point!

Scott Gibson, MD, FACEP Medical Director and Board Member Southwestern Michigan Emergency Services October 6, 2023