Drawing from extensive industry expertise and organic knowledge, d2i offers data analytics solutions to help health care organizations quickly identify and implement opportunities for improvement, keeping our clients ahead of the curve. Founded in 2010, the company provides an unparalleled data analytics application that aggregates, harmonizes, and enriches diverse sources of data, providing actionable insights that optimize emergency department (ED) performance. d2i serves some of the largest EDs in the United States, spanning the clinical, quality, and operational domains.

Years of Experience in Data Management and Analytics

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Hospital EHR Data Acquisitions

Why d2i

Our tools accelerate emergency and hospital medicine initiatives.

d2i has been delivering solutions for Emergency Medicine (EM) and Hospital Medicine (HM) for nearly a decade. During that time, we have developed out-of-the-box solutions that help health care organizations accelerate the implementation of their strategic performance improvement initiatives.

Discover why d2i’s Performance Analytics Application helps keep our clients ahead of the curve, and why other health care analytic solutions or EHR systems don’t compare. If your organization isn’t going to provide a performance analytics solution to manage your department in the next 12 months, consider leveraging d2i’s cloud-based solution, with no capital investment, and start receiving benefits in less than 90 days. If later, your organization has an alternative, then you have a decision to make and a basis of comparison to do so.

See how we can make your data actionable, leading to better, more efficient, and more profitable patient care in a matter of weeks.

Data Acquisition as a Service (DAaaS)
Pre-developed data extract scripts for every EHR vendor: We are experts at acquiring, integrating, cleansing, and curating data. Our custom data extract scripts require minimal IT resource time to implement and very little time to maintain.

Proven process of working with hospital IT to acquire data from EHRs: Our process for gathering data from multiple sources, including EHRs/EDIS, satisfaction surveys, scheduling software, and RCM vendors, should take a junior data analyst from your IT department as little as 10 to 16 hours to implement our data extract scripts, with no new infrastructure required.

Applied experience from acquiring EHR data from more than 250 hospitals: d2i has been delivering solutions to your peers since 1999, embedding best practices determined by data from more than 22 million ED visits. Our Time to Value is fast, from contract to live in less than 90 days. We have the passion, the domain expertise, and the proven solutions to back up our value proposition statements.

Data Architecture Built Specifically for You
Our data architecture is built specifically for EM, HM, and related services. One click on a metric presents several layers of relevant and progressively detailed root-cause information.

Our extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) scripts, algorithms, and processes take raw data from EHRs and other data sources and turn it into analytical-grade data in our data analytics warehouse. Our process includes:

  • Data curation:Turning independently created data sources (structured and semi-structureddata) into unifieddata sets ready for analytics.
  • Data cleansing: Identifying and removing errors and inconsistencies fromdata in order to improve the quality ofdata.
  • Data normalization: Adjusting values defined in different terms to a notionally common term to establish relationships and reduce redundancy.
  • Data enrichment: Extrapolating data to create new data elements that enhance analytics, such as creating diagnostic subgroups.

These processes can be completely automated, allowing for extracts at any time interval so that insights can be provided in time frames relevant to the metric.

Our data model, architecture, and data analytics warehouse have matured through multiple generations of optimization to provide a comprehensive data set of clinical, financial, operations, regulatory, and patient experience metrics and benchmarks with all the advanced analytics and underlying detail a click away.

Performance Analytics Applications

d2i’s Performance Analytics Application offers purpose-built, key performance metric analytics with the following out-of-the-box capabilities:

  • Balance Scorecard view of performance across all domains, including operations, financial, quality, regulatory, and patient satisfaction. Additionally, you can see the overall picture of performance by site and rolled up by health system, region, title, and service line.
  • Dynamic multi-select filtering that allows for quick segmentation of data by subgroups, complaint, demographics, and more.
  • Correlation tools to statistically present the extent to which two or more variables fluctuate together.
  • Built-in what-if capabilities that provide your team with an overview of clinical scenarios so you can understand what part of an established protocol may be creating a bottleneck in the process.
  • Purpose-built, non-hierarchical drills that present the causal factors affecting the performance of a metric needed for root-cause analysis.
  • Breadcrumbs that describe parameters for each analytic (e.g., diagnostic subgroup, abdominal pain, patients 45-64, where a CT was performed, etc.).
We Become Your Analytics Department
Demand Capacity Management: d2i’s DAaaS can provide the means to acquire the requisite detailed operational and clinical data from your EHR to feed our powerful analytics application, placing minimal setup and zero ongoing demand on your IT team.

Performance-Based Compensation: Leverage d2i’s existing clinician productivity analytics to establish a practitioner compensation score based on his or her performance in key metrics (e.g., patients-per-hour, returns and readmissions, RVUs, coding distribution, patient satisfaction, service utilization, quality measures, compliance, and others).

Balanced Scorecards: d2i’s dashboards are site-specific and roll-up scorecards that are presented in a Balanced Scorecard format.

Quality Initiatives and Risk Mitigation: Our pre-built quality and clinical measure analytics identify clinician behavior outliers, as well as clinical practice patterns and variations.

Reporting of Clinical-Based MIPS Measures: Let d2i handle MIPS data submission to your QCDR for CMS reporting. Additionally, we have built a MIPS dashboard to monitor MIPS performance on a monthly basis so actions can be taken on poorly performing measures to achieve the best scores and incentives possible.

Patient Engagement Performance: d2i’s Patient Satisfaction analytics integrate survey result details with EHR and billing data at the date of service, thereby providing insights not possible with survey data alone.

Care Transition: Our DAaaS can acquire the detailed clinical and operational EHR data to monitor care transition metrics for sites that contract for both EM and HM.

Systems Integration and Standardization: d2i’s DAaaS can acquire the detailed clinical data necessary for billing that currently requires multiple, more expensive methods that can be fraught with error and inconsistencies. We provide RCM companies with a single data source for clinical billing data regardless of the site or its EHR, eliminating hundreds of data acquisition methods.

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Great company, great analytics. We could barely survive without d2i at this point!

Scott Gibson, MD, FACEP Medical Director and Board Member Southwestern Michigan Emergency Services October 6, 2023

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