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BlueWater Health of Brunswick, Maine, is a physician-owned acute care medicine group that provides urgent care management and staffing solutions throughout New England. The company specializes in enhancing quality and efficiency within emergency departments, inpatient units, and urgent care clinics.

The Challenges

Data Fragmentation: BlueWater Health faced a significant challenge in managing its healthcare data, as the difficulty of integrating many data sources left little time for leveraging the data to support performance improvement and quality improvement initiatives. These sources included ShiftAdmin, Quickbooks, seven distinct Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems spanning five different health systems, three separate patient satisfaction survey vendors, and diverse coding and billing processes. Notably, coding and billing responsibilities were distributed across the organization, with some sites handling these tasks internally, while others relied on the expertise of an outside vendor. The fragmented nature of these data sources hindered effective communication and collaboration with hospital partners, necessitating a transformative solution to streamline and unify these critical processes.

Data Access Bottlenecks: Furthermore, traditional methods of accessing data required coordination with hospital IT and labor-intensive data integration and cleaning leading to significant delays. Moreover, the data provided often lacked the depth required for comprehensive analysis. Recognizing the need for prompt, data-driven decision-making, BlueWater Health sought to enhance its processes during meetings with medical staff and administration.

The Solution

To solve the problem, BlueWater Health turned to d2i’s Emergency Medicine Performance Analytics. d2i is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service application that takes raw data from a variety of sources and turns it into insightful, interactive, usable information, enabling healthcare organizations to quickly find and act on opportunities to improve care.

BlueWater Health uses d2i during meetings with medical staff and hospital administration to promptly answer questions about staffing, throughput, quality, and turnaround times targeted toward improving clinical operations.

Such a proactive approach enables d2i’s clients to simultaneously prove their value to their partners as they collaboratively improve performance.

The Results

Combining data is essential for gaining insights into the root causes and effects of various issues. For instance, merging staffing schedules, arrival patterns, boarding, census data, and Turnaround Times (TATs) provides a comprehensive view of how these factors impact operations. Additionally, integrating Relative Value Units (RVUs) derived from billing data with physician productivity data, such as patients seen per hour, enables the calculation of RVUs per hour, enhancing scheduling efficiency and resource allocation.

Guy Nuki, BlueWater Health’s Chief Medical Officer adds:

“The depth and breadth of the data that we can access through d2i allows us to not only identify the source of issues, but also to track and demonstrate improvements.”

Now that BlueWater Health has integrated d2i’s healthcare analytics solutions, the company has realized critical improvements in how they turn their data into business intelligence.

Fast Access to Insights

By integrating d2i into their workflow, BlueWater Health gained centralized access to essential data during meetings. It no longer relies on hospital IT for data retrieval, resulting in more efficient data-driven decision-making processes.

Proof of Value of Quality Initiatives

BlueWater Health used d2i during hospital administration meetings to demonstrate the success of quality improvement programs. The ability of the platform to provide tangible examples of improvements in staffing, throughput, and turnaround time, effectively conveyed the value of their data-driven initiatives, and how they can continue to improve these initiatives.

Comprehensive Performance Analysis

d2i made it easier to review performance plans and to track the progress of each site, streamlining collaboration with medical directors and staff and providing actionable insights to improve performance.

Multidimensional Insights

The Multiview report feature made it possible for BlueWater Health to instantly analyze complex problems from many angles. The feature expedited decision-making by providing multidimensional insights that were previously difficult to obtain.

Reclaim Your Team’s Time and Harness the Potential of Data-Driven Excellence

By adopting d2i, BlueWater Health transformed its decision-making processes during meetings with medical staff and hospital administration. By leveraging the platform’s centralized data access, performance analysis, specialized program valuation, and multidimensional insights, BlueWater Health streamlined collaboration, enhanced data-driven insights, and improved performance.

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EHR System

7 different EHRs across 5 health systems


d2i’s Emergency Medicine Performance Analytics

Before d2i, we had to work with hospital IT to get the data we needed, which required a lot of integrating, cleaning, and waiting. d2i gives us our time back! All the data is in one place – easily accessible and just a click away.

Teena Dominie Senior Director of Quality BlueWater Health September 20, 2023