Reduce ED Crowding

d2i transforms data from across your department to accurately assess ED crowding and its causes

More than 90 percent of EDs in the United States report crowded conditions on a routine basis.

How Does ED Crowding Affect Your Facility?

  • Excessive wait time
  • Patients leaving before being seen
  • Poor patient satisfaction scores
  • Increased adverse events
  • Poor ED staff satisfaction

d2i Helps You Reduce ED Crowding

Simply reporting your performance isn’t enough to identify the bottlenecks and implement solutions to address the contributing issues.

Properly assessing and analyzing ED crowding requires the right tools, and that’s where d2i comes in.

Average Census by Hour of the Day & ED Area For the Time Period 4/1/17 to 9/30/17

Reducing Emergency Department Crowding
d2i’s Census and Arrivals analytics are built to help identify the timing and frequency of peak ED crowding during periods of full staffing.

When you can’t increase your treatment spaces and staffing, or control the number of patients coming through your doors, d2i can help you improve your processes and allocate existing resources to better handle your patient flow.

d2i’s Performance Dashboard is a robust analytics platform that can help you identify and measure the severity of ED crowding while monitoring the effectiveness of efforts to eliminate it. d2i can identify bottlenecks and provide the detailed information needed to tailor solutions to problems, rather than just chase symptoms.

For instance, d2i’s Census and Arrivals report provides an hourly average census grouped by acuity level, area of the ED, and status of service. Comparing this to the number of available treatment spaces allows you to assess total hours over capacity, the percent of hours above capacity, and more.

Take action on your data. Let d2i give you the tools you need to reduce ED crowding.

Are you looking for a way to reduce crowding and increase performance in your ED? See why no other healthcare business intelligence tool or EHR system even comes close. Contact us for more information about our analytics tools, or to schedule a 30-minute demo.