Physician Specialty Groups can log in to our cloud-based application whenever they want, from wherever they are, and get all the information they need to monitor and manage their department.

Laying a Foundation for Performance Improvement

While most HCOs understand that they can improve operational performance and outcomes, and increase patient safety by leveraging data analytics, getting the most of their analytics tools can be challenging. We’ve already discussed three challenges in our last post that included:

  1. The vast amount of data collected
  2. Starting with inaccurate, unreliable, and irrelevant data
  3. Only having access to enterprise-wide analytics

But there are additional challenges that physician specialty groups might face while using advanced data analytics as a foundation for performance improvement.

Challenge No. 4: Lack of participation in analytics efforts that can improve decision-making

By their training and definition, physicians are scientists who possess superior analytic skills, are invested in improving the quality of care, and have a frontline knowledge of their department’s clinical operations. They can use timely, accurate, and relevant data to improve operations and, thus, their organization’s bottom line.

While physicians are not routinely trained in using data analytics tools, a lack of instruction need not be a roadblock to their involvement if they have access to analytics solutions that are intuitive and organized into easy-to-digest storyboards.

Challenge No. 5: Lack of talent

In the health care industry, there aren’t enough experts in data science, big data, AND the clinical specialty domain. Qualified talent is hard to find and could be costly to retain, with demand driving up compensation.

Analytics implementation could be delayed by this supply-and-demand issue. One way to bypass this is outsourcing your HCO’s analytics department, which can have immediate benefits, including quicker turnaround, less time spent assembling data, access to a higher level of experience, and emergency medicine and hospital medicine domain specialization.

Challenge No. 6: The perceived high cost of the right solution

The final challenge we’re discussing here is the perception that implementing data analytics solutions requires a significant financial investment. Data analytics software absolutely doesn’t have to be expensive. d2i’s data analytics solution has a fast time-to-value track. Because ours is a Software-as-a-Service solution, there are no software or hardware capital requirements. We work with the data that organizations already have, allowing their IT departments to focus instead on other important initiatives such as interoperability and data security.

Why use d2i?

Our customized analytics solution was built for the emergency medicine space and it continues to evolve organically through collective wisdom and best practices. It also highlights problem areas and offers insights for performance improvement.

Since we’ve built data extract scripts for all major hospital EHR systems, our solution is easy for your IT department to implement. There’s minimal need for existing or new IT infrastructure since the d2i solution is cloud-based. And our clients usually don’t require training, although we do offer total support and a dedicated Client Success Team. To see exactly how d2i can help put your data to work, contact us for more information, or to schedule a 30-minute demo.