In this three-hour virtual session, a stellar lineup of EM physicians, leaders, and industry professionals will share tips on thriving in the current emergency medicine landscape.

Join d2i February 2, 1-4 p.m. EST, at the Emergency Department Practice Management Association (EDPMA) virtual workshop for a presentation full of new insights about EM growth and profitability in 2023.

Presenting the EDPMA Virtual Workshop: Facing Reimbursement Headwinds: Planning for Profitable Growth in 2023 and Beyond

Tackling Current Issues

This virtual workshop addresses ways independent physician groups can mitigate fee-for-service reimbursement woes brought on by increasingly hostile payer practices, reductions in the CMS QPA and the precipitous decline in out-of-network payments brought on payer malfeasance in implementing the No Surprises Act.

Many conditions are expected to present hurdles to growth and profitability in the coming year. For example, it’s increasingly difficult to meet documentation requirements for levels of service and medical decision-making. This often results in increased claim denials, which negatively impacts reimbursement and cash flow. At the same time, emergency department (ED) volumes in the post-pandemic era are still fluctuating and difficult to manage.

ED department leaders, physicians, and supporting services across the country are finding it challenging to sustain traditional success models. EDPMA is prepared to tackle these tough issues with speakers who will demonstrate how to plan and move toward a future model that’s less dependent on fee-for-service revenue.

The agenda, designed for busy EM professionals, promises to be efficient and impactful. The three-hour session will feature a stellar lineup of EM physicians, leaders, and industry professionals. Each segment will address current issues and give real, actionable strategies for tackling each one head-on.

Workshop Learning Objectives

Solutions to current EM problems generally have at least one thing in common: They rely on good data to guide decision-making. d2i is at the forefront of emergency medicine analytics, providing custom data solutions for initiatives like revenue cycle optimization, documentation improvement, and quality payment programs.

Organizations and leaders looking for the best ways to plan for profitable EM growth must first have quality data to support their action plans. d2i is happy to be a part of supporting EM initiatives and innovation as we drive towards sustainable and quality care in 2023.

After an introduction from Alan Eisman, executive vice president of Business Development for d2i, physician leaders will share skills and tips including:

  • How to plan for growth using an Enterprise Risk Framework, and enabling data-driven strategic decision-making to balance opportunity and risk.
  • Growth opportunities in the industry, and tips on how to prioritize and pursue the ones that make sense individually.
  • New opportunities with pay-for-performance programs, as well as the methods and data needed to pursue these value-based care strategies.
  • Why it’s smart to pursue, develop, and maintain beneficial relationships with staff, administrators, payers, and the community to create collaboration and growth.

Q&A Panel

The session includes multiple question-and-answer opportunities with a panel of experts:

  • John Throop, MD, MBA, FACEP, president, Emergency Care Specialists
  • Mohak (Mo) Davè, MD, FACEP, chief executive officer, Georgia Emergency Dept Services
  • Beth Griffin, MD, president, Emergency Medicine Specialists
  • Randy Pilgrim, MD, FACEP, enterprise chief medical officer, SCP Health
  • Gregg Miller, MD, chief medical officer, Vituity
  • Guy Nuki, MD, MBA, chief medical officer, Bluewater Health
  • Chris Port, MD, chief medical officer, Emergency Care Specialists
  • Jesse Pines, MD, national director of clinical innovation, US Acute Care Solutions

This intensive, three-hour virtual session will share concrete details, including the costs and key performance indicators that should be monitored as your business embraces change and growth. You can expect to leave with a new understanding of how emergency medicine is evolving, as well as how to successfully transform operations to maintain success. Register here.


Headquartered just outside of Washington, D.C., EDPMA is a professional physician trade association focused on delivering high-quality, cost-effective care in emergency departments. EDMPA’s members deliver or support health care for about half of the millions of patients who visit EDs each year in the United States. The organization’s mission includes providing successful advocacy, timely information on the industry, quality educational programs, and leadership and networking opportunities.