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Are You Considering Switching EHR Vendors?

EHRs are transactional databases and while the data in these databases is gold, EHRs are not analytics solutions. HCOs need analytics tools that can integrate, curate, and homogenize data from multiple sources to support specific areas of performance optimization.

Monitoring Adherence to Protocols

Recent HCO initiatives demonstrate the value of standardizing patient care and monitoring adherence to protocols. By using data analytics tools, providers can see immediate results in the effectiveness of patient treatment.

Addressing Long Wait Times

Long wait times in any health care practice can be costly, both in terms of malpractice lawsuit liability and patient health. A robust analytics tool can help streamline operations.

See why no other health care analytics tool or EHR system comes close.

What d2i does better than any other solution for the ED that I've seen is that it helps us identify the causal factors that explain why the performance issue is happening.

Dr. Peter Viccellio, MD Vice Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine Stony Brook University Hospital October 16, 2017

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