Southwestern Michigan Emergency Services Becomes First Client to Implement New RSQ® Dashboard

Philadelphia (October 9, 2023)The Sullivan Group (TSG) and d2i announced the release of their RSQ® Dashboard on Monday at the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Scientific Assembly conference in Philadelphia. The new analytics program is designed to help hospital systems and medical group providers reduce medical errors and adverse events in emergency medicine.

Avoidable medical errors are a pressing concern and the cost of medical malpractice is rising for many medical groups and hospital systems across the United States. In response, TSG and d2i have collaborated to develop a solution that helps providers monitor their greatest risk exposures and effectively mitigate those risks before they become adverse events.

Available via d2i, a leading healthcare data analytics company, the RSQ® Dashboard builds upon d2i’s existing data infrastructure. In the past year, TSG and d2i have refined and validated the tool with early adopters, and now are making it available to all hospital systems and medical groups.

Southwestern Michigan Emergency Services (SWMES), a medical group that provides emergency medicine services to hospitals in Michigan, is the first client to implement the RSQ® Dashboard. SWMES has been using TSG’s RSQ® Education program for more than 15 years, and d2i’s data analytics platform since 2020.

SWMES expects to achieve compelling results, including reductions in potential adverse events, enhanced quality-improvement collaboration with hospital leadership, and strengthened negotiations with medical malpractice insurance carriers.

Some key features of the RSQ® Dashboard that SWMES and other clients will be using are:

  • Appropriate Management of Patients With Abnormal Vital Signs: Far too often, hospital EDs discharge patients with abnormal and very abnormal vital signs. RSQ® Dashboard gives healthcare clients insight into this significant area of risk, cutting the data by Provider or Nurse and correlating those cases to outcomes [e.g., Return in 72 hours].
  • Returns in 72 Hours: A critical indicator of quality and risk, the dashboard provides insight into the frequency of bouncebacks and bouncebacks that get admitted. The tool allows filtering by clinical entities and providers, offering a first-of-its kind risk, safety, and educational tool.
  • Appropriate Management of Patients With ‘Seconds-to-Minutes’ Emergencies: “Seconds-to-minutes” emergencies must be treated rapidly and safely to avoid an adverse outcome. The RSQ® Dashboard applies grouping logic to help clients monitor these cases more closely, following the specific time intervals of patient care and outcomes in these cases. The dashboard will help EM groups and hospitals meet national quality metrics by providing insight into waiting times for patients with chest pain and neurologic deficit or stroke.
  • Provider-Specific Insights: The RSQ® Dashboard displays clinical data by Provider, making targeted performance improvement efforts more manageable for the clinicians and the leadership.

Both d2i and TSG anticipate the RSQ® Dashboard will continue to evolve and improve as more medical groups begin to implement the product, leading to demonstrable improvements in patient safety and reductions in risk exposure.

Dan Sullivan MD, JD, FACEP, founder and CEO of The Sullivan Group, said:

We have really enjoyed our partnership with d2i, and we look forward to further advancing our mission of helping hospitals and medical groups improve patient safety. TSG has been analyzing medical records for areas of risk exposure for the past 25 years, and our work with d2i takes that effort to another level and automates that process for clients. Fortunately, we share common clients, and those medical leaders’ willingness to participate in our early adopter program helped sharpen our focus for the initial product release and paves the way for future enhancements.

Scott Richards, CEO of d2i, said:

This is the kind of collaboration it is going to take to solve the challenges faced by the EM specialty and its stakeholders. The RSQ® Dashboard is a product of the collective domain expertise of the TSG and d2i teams and the passion we share. This is just another step in our journey to continually seek opportunities to work with partners in response to client needs, and one more example of d2i’s ability to leverage its data infrastructure to deliver capabilities to serve our clients. We are very excited to be working with TSG, especially on something so important like patient safety.

About d2i

d2i is a leading healthcare data analytics company that empowers organizations with the tools and insights needed to enhance healthcare quality, streamline operations, and improve patient outcomes. With a focus on data-driven decision-making, d2i offers innovative solutions that drive positive change in the healthcare industry.

About The Sullivan Group

Since 1998, The Sullivan Group has been a leading authority in patient safety and medical error reduction. Their RSQ® Solutions platform has been used by more than 1,000 acute care facilities in the U.S., and their patented Risk Mitigation Module, part of a larger Clinical Decision Support System, has been used by more than 500 emergency departments. By partnering with The Sullivan Group, many large hospital system clients have noticed significant reductions in their malpractice claims and improvements in their patient outcomes.

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