Our Solutions

Unparalleled Data Analytics for Health Care Organizations

Whether you are a health system, small community medical center, or physician practice, all health care organizations need to leverage their data to keep their patients — and their bottom lines — healthy. d2i’s clients depend on our data analytics solutions to realize that value proposition every day.

Just because you have data in your EHR or data warehouse doesn’t make it actionable. d2i takes your data and we enhance it through integration.

Performance Dashboards

Our comprehensive, cloud-based performance dashboard solution will empower you to lead your practice to greater operational efficiency and quality of care. You can access your data at any time, anywhere there’s an internet connection. Our advanced analytics suite allows you to drill down on data any way you see fit.

d2i’s performance dashboards offer key advantages, allowing your department to:

  • Monitor clinical and operational performance
  • Reduce risk
  • Optimize scheduling
  • Quickly identify opportunities for improvement
  • Standardize clinical protocols
  • Track departmental performance across multiple facilities

Data Clearinghouse Service

We are experts at acquiring, cleansing, and aggregating data. We’ve built data extract scripts for all the EHRs that make it easy for your IT department to quickly implement. Even if you have an existing investment in a BI platform, use d2i’s data clearinghouse service to do the heavy lifting for you.

We gather data from multiple sources, including:

  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Scheduling software
  • Labs
  • RCM vendors

It’s your data, and we’ll get it to you any way you like. Even with multiple departments and different systems, we normalize, identify, and correct errors, and give you accurate, reliable data you can use.

CMS/MIPS Reporting

We have the right tools to navigate the ever-changing, complex world of quality reporting. Let d2i acquire and submit the data required for CMS reporting so you can maximize payment incentives and avoid penalties. Choose a qualified registry partner and we’ll gather all the data, evaluate it, help you decide the best measures to report, and feed information directly to the CMS registry on your behalf.

RCM Dashboard

No more waiting for your monthly reports: Just log in when you want, from wherever you are, and get all the information you need to manage your financial performance. d2i has built a cloud-based, best-in-class RCM dashboard. You will be able to identify documentation deficiencies, down-coding, and training opportunities. d2i’s RCM dashboard gives you web-based access to current and historical key performance metrics of your billing service, including:

  • Collections by provider
  • Collections by payor
  • Payor distribution
  • RVU/HR and RVU/pt. by provider
  • Total collections by payor
  • Total AR balance
  • AR aging
  • E/M distribution

Take Action On Your Data

Are you looking to optimize performance across your department? To see exactly how d2i can help put your data to work, schedule a 30-minute demo with one of our experts.

See why no other health care analytics tool or EHR system comes close.

What d2i does better than any other solution for the ED that I've seen is that it helps us identify the causal factors that explain why the performance issue is happening.

Dr. Peter Viccellio, MD Vice Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine Stony Brook University Hospital October 16, 2017