Do you lack data trustworthy enough to act on? With d2i, there’s an efficient, effective way to harness data and transform it into actionable insights.

Physician groups struggle to acquire and convert data about their practice into actionable insights that can provide transformational opportunities and help prove their value with hospital administration.

Many of d2i’s clients experienced similar needs. We hear the same thing from physician groups nationwide and in our ACEP focus groups. They lack the expertise and resources to acquire data from multiple sources, integrate and clean that data, then organize and present it in a meaningful way.

Our clients have come to rely on our cloud-based solutions. Some of the features they mention often include:

1. We keep all their information in one place. This includes ED operations, clinical practice, revenue cycle, quality measures (i.e., MIPS), and patient experience. We integrate and normalize data from all key sources, including EHR systems, satisfaction surveys, scheduling software, RCM vendors, and more. Even with multiple departments and different systems, we normalize data, identify and resolve data issues, and give our clients accurate, reliable information they can use.

2. We help them make better-informed, impactful decisions. Just because you have data in your EHR or data warehouse doesn’t mean it’s actionable. Not only do we enhance our clients’ data through integration, but having all the data in one place allows them to understand the impact metrics in one area have on other areas. This helps leaders make informed decisions that will have the greatest impact, as well as provides the means to monitor that impact.

3. We provide information they can trust. Performance improvement initiatives require that data be aggregated, harmonized, and analyzed from many perspectives — operational efficiency, cost, clinical practice variation, quality, and patient satisfaction — to name a few. The ability to understand the impact of particular measures is key, and data curation is necessary to create the contextual information for understanding the cause, effect, and impact metrics have across domains.

Performance analytics provide access to vital operational metrics and analytic capabilities, including the current and historical information required to diagnose and fix process problems. d2i cleans and organizes data to support QI/PI initiatives so you can trust your data. We often hear about a lack of confidence in hospital-wide data, and that hospital reports don’t always provide the necessary detail to help improve practices.

When your data isn’t trustworthy, it’s difficult to gain and maintain the trust of clinical department stakeholders so they have the confidence necessary to participate in company-wide performance improvement conversations. Our solutions are designed to rapidly identify data gaps and anomalies while ensuring historical accuracy. This involves cross-referencing data across sources (for example EHR and billing) to continually check for discrepancies.

4. With d2i, they don’t need data scientists. Not only is our solution comprehensive, but d2i also fulfills ad hoc requests at no additional cost. Our solutions require little upfront cost, no new infrastructure, and can be implemented in a matter of weeks. Our clients can access their performance measures at any time, wherever there’s an internet connection. Our tools are intuitive, and our clients don’t need a manual or extensive training.

d2i does the heavy lifting, effectively bridging the gap between data science and business domain expertise. We also provide ongoing user support to ensure trends are understood, opportunities for improvement are reviewed, and existing or organically developed new analytics are leveraged to identify and promote high-impact actions. d2i’s highly adaptive process and architecture allow for the rapid inclusion of new algorithms and analytics, along with customizations to address differences in site priorities and processes.

No matter the size of your organization, d2i’s data analytics solutions can help you optimize performance and improve efficiency and patient safety. See why no other health care business intelligence tool or EHR system even comes close. Contact us for more information about our analytics tools, or to schedule a 30-minute demo.