Just because you have data in your EHR or data warehouse doesn’t make it actionable. d2i takes your data and enhances it through integration, making it meaningful and actionable for better decision-making and improved performance.

d2i’s solutions give clinical department stakeholders access to clean, consistent, and reliable data, providing detail on a granular level.

Today’s business imperatives and health care regulations are complex and challenging. To stay viable, health care organizations (HCOs) must pursue performance and process improvement initiatives that break down data and organizational silos in order to collaborate and achieve interdependent goals.

Fully enabling performance improvement conversations requires an advanced type of analytics — the kind that breaks down organizational barriers and is supported by data that’s accurate, timely, and available in an easy-to-understand format. Cross-functional teams need a transparent, relevant, and dynamic performance analytics solution that allows them to quickly identify underperforming metrics, understand causal factors, and develop action plans that offer the most impact. That isn’t possible if data pulled from disparate silos isn’t integrated. Incomplete data can make it impossible to gain trustworthy insights.

Confidence in data integrity is a must when you’re working on performance improvement. To understand the impact of metrics across domains (operational efficiency, cost, clinical practice variation, quality, and patient satisfaction), data must be aggregated, harmonized, and enriched, which can be a challenge when it comes from various sources.

Organic, Purpose-Built Analytics Creates the Big Picture

In performance- and process-improvement conversations, both the breadth and the granularity of the data are as important for discerning root causes as they are for implementing and monitoring targeted changes. You can arrive at the highest-impact actions with the fewest unintended consequences only when a 360-degree view of all related performance indicators are considered. This isn’t possible with the simple hierarchical drill-down of aggregate data offered by most analytic tools that lack access to curated data from diverse sources.

d2i’s purpose-built solution is organically improved over time through feedback and evidence-based best practices. Our powerful EM/HM-focused solutions not only identify the areas that need attention but also help you monitor the impact of actions you take.

Our performance analytics application:

  • Is secure, HIPAA compliant, scalable, and cloud-based
  • Offers a subscription service model with no infrastructure requirements
  • Features an intuitive user interface with pre-built analytic storyboards for each KPI
  • Handles large volumes of historical data for meaningful trending, pattern recognition, and benchmarking

No Other Analytics Tools Come Close to d2i’s

An analytics application must act as an “honest broker” for transparently sharing data while offering the following data management services:

  • Data acquisition services with pre-built extract scripts for most sources
  • Data curation services for normalizing, cleaning, and enriching data
  • A data repository that supports statistically meaningful pattern recognition and benchmarking without the need for data jockeying
  • Data-quality services that identify gaps and anomalies by cross-referencing data across sources for discrepancies
  • Ongoing user support to ensure trends are understood, opportunities for improvement are reviewed, and existing or new analytics are leveraged to identify and promote high-impact actions
  • An adaptive architecture that allows for the inclusion of new data, algorithms, and metrics that may be easily customized for each site.

With rich, multidomain, normalized data sets, cross-functional teams can paint a comprehensive picture from many perspectives to understand what is happening, why it’s happening, and what actions can be taken.

d2i’s solutions give clinical department stakeholders access to clean, consistent, and reliable data, as well as a 360-degree view of performance using a Balanced Scorecard model to organize and present key performance metrics. d2i’s user-friendly reports provide detail on a granular level as needed, and enable leadership to take strategic steps to achieve goals. Contact us to learn more about why no other health care analytics tool compares, or schedule a demo to see our application in action.